Four Compelling Reasons Why Text Marketing Will Change Your Game

Four Compelling Reasons Why Text Marketing Will Change Your Game

by Jeff Gordon
July 08, 2020
There may be sanctified slivers of paradise within our world where off-the gridders eat berries and are hunted by bears. Fancy vacationers will boast about their ability to stay off the net in Bora Bora. But let’s face it folks.  The rest of the world is checking their direct messages and texting every single day and night. In fact, SMS messaging is plain boring, right? It’s not sexy like a home page take-over of a foo foo publishing property. It’s not high-brow CPM like programmatic and it’s certainly not a CPC type deal with the great Goog. It’s just a text message. A 160-character blurb that alerts, persuades, asks, begs, wins-over and converts many a willing customer who loves their brands. But while this simple medium of communication has been around since 1992  with the first ever message sent by the great grandfather of texting, Mr. Neil Papworth, we have realized that this wonderful medium when employed with the eye of a judicious marketer can yield and yield and YIELD! Never before has a means of communication been so effective for a brand or marketer… Ok, maybe landline telemarketer calls had their heyday in the 1970’s but every trend has it’s day and let me tell you… SMS text marketing hasn’t even come close to scratching the surface of it’s potential. 
There are Four incredibly unarguable facts that support MMS and text marketing to reach your customers, prospect new customers and make ChuckaText apart of your omni-channel marketing round-up. In case you didn’t catch that… ChuckaText is a company founded by direct marketers who learned the trade by realizing that if the dollar they spent on behalf of the company yielded .90 they likely would not keep their job for very long. So yeah, we are going to make sure every dollar you spend makes a substantial ROI for your company!
Now let’s take a moment to get a little somber. One important note worth mentioning before you kick our tires… The Main differences between SMS and other marketing tools starts with compliance. Direct messaging is a permission based medium. This means that permission (expressed consent) from consumer is required for legal reasons but this also means the people who do consent to receiving your messages will likely be substantially more engaged. Getting this permission is easy. You can have them opt in on your website to receive promotional text messages, respond to an email and opt in via a web form or you can have them text your keyword to your phone number. ChuckaText will help you to stay compliant every step of the way!  We will give you the tools, the know-how and in as little as 10 minutes you’ll feel confident and fresh. 
1.       Instant delivery and high open rates 
Your messages will be received immediately and are more likely to be viewed upon receipt. There are no spam boxes. With open rates statistically high with SMS marketing, consumers are more likely to respond to your messages.
2.      No learning curves 
Keeping your messages under 160 characters makes your message simple and effective! Customers will have a higher chance of reading it and following through because the process is so accessible and easy to understand.
3.      High adoption rates
Nowadays, practically every adult in the United States has a cell phones and at least basic cell service. This means that these adults are accessible via SMS messages and your brand’s reach can go that much further.
4.      Trackable outcomes 
Tracking the effectiveness of this marketing strategy is simpler than older strategies. You can easily track links and coupon code usage accessed via your message so you will now the response rate almost immediately! 
28 years since the first txt message was sent and we’re only now getting started. We have seen firsthand how this medium has grown walk-in traffic to restaurants, built customer lists for eCommerce businesses and grown incremental revenue for large brands often breathing new life into stagnant companies. When used correctly and with the right direct comm platform partner at your side, there is not reason why in a noticeably short time you wouldn’t be able to 3X your response rates and grow your LTV.  Reach out and let us know how we can personally help with your growth.