Why Restaurants and Text Marketing pair like Wine and Cheese.

Why Restaurants and Text Marketing pair like Wine and Cheese.

by Jeff Gordon
June 04, 2021
The conundrum of the small business owner is that they are too busy to tie their shoe. They are too busy to engage in complex marketing campaigns or even take the time to read a simple article. In theory this is a good thing because if you are busy, you are making money and work is the equivalent to the Lord’s prayer. I have done cold calls to restaurants and have had reactions ranging from “we’re too damn busy right now” to “come on down now and give me a demo.” I raise this not to show how effective I am at sales but more about the "urgency to grow" vs. "lack of time to grow" problem with restaurants and small business owners. Being busy doesn't necessarily equate to scaling. This was one of the pain points that made us develop a simple platform that grows businesses without the need to dedicate much time or budget. 

It raises the question if you truly can have the three adjectives “good, fast and cheap” in your project management schema. I believe we broke the mold. When you’re running a restaurant, your top priority may change from day to day but we're guessing you are caring about the food quality, staff, cleanliness, and then business growth in that order? As a business owner you can literally spend your time on your product and let a great marketing platform work at your behest to get more foot traffic through the door. 


Minutes. It may take ½ hour to get started and then devote another 20 minutes per week to making this work. Really! If you have an existing customer list it’s just an upload. If you don’t have a customer list, you can get customers to opt into your list in exchange for a free dish or a small coupon.  Your customers are 5X as likely to opt into a personalized text message than an email list. This is because they want to hear from brands they love. 


Starting a bulk SMS campaign is easy because there are very few steps required. In addition, there is no integration that is needed. Everything can be done via the platform.  So, let’s say you sign up which takes about 3 minutes. Then you upload your CSV list to the platform that takes another 3 minutes. Now you are ready to send a bulk campaign to that list. You can kick it off with a welcome message, share a video of your latest popular dish or get them running in with a coupon code. Everything is traceable and if you want to drive traffic from text to a landing page, we make that possible through shortened links.  


The math on Chuckatext speaks for itself. If you are on our $35 a month plan and you send out a campaign to 1000 customers, 90% (900 people) of them will read the message. From there, 30% (270 people) will be engaged enough to consider acting and from there 15% (40 people) will result in a direct sale. 40 people purchasing a $20 meal = $800 in revenue. This means you made 22X Return on Investment and we’re being conservative. 


You’re never caught in long contracts or commitments. Try us out for a month and see if the results gel with your business goals. Aside from the straightforward simplicity, what sets us apart is the stewardship you’ll receive as a partner. We are working digital marketers that have a track record of success and we want to help you. If you sign up, reach out for a free consultation and we’ll get it going. SMS marketing is the most responsive marketing, and we want to make it work for you.