How to send text campaigns with ChuckAText


1. Sign up for our free plan

Sign up, then add or upload your contacts. Within minutes you can send your first message and see results soon after!


2. Build your customer base

Use our keyword feature to build upon your contact list. For example, you can have customers text a keyword like “SPECIALDEALZ” to your assigned phone number. Collect customer data in real time from your website or sign up form. Enrich your campaigns with new customers.


3. Build a campaign

Maybe you want to send coupons a few times a month or notify customers of special events or appointments. Customize a campaign and send it out. Test an offer, image or the message. Engage your customers to grow your revenue.

Our analytics will track your progress

SMS marketing strategies tend towards a significantly high 98% open rate. With high open rates comes increased engagement. Track the numbers as your connections to the world immediately start to grow.

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Connections made easier.

No credit card required.